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Intersolar-Finalist mit den leichtesten PV-Modulen der Welt!

QSolar (Q2O)

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Seit kurzem in Frankfurt handelbar!

QSolar bietet die leichtesten PV-Module der Welt

• Jede Farbe möglich
• Plustoleranzen von +0 / +7%
• TÜV-Süd zertifiziert
• ICY Cells Cooling Design
• UV Reflector
• flektierende Beschichtung reflektiert 99% der UV Strahlen, so dass das Modul kühl bleibt.
• keine Korossion uvm.
• Doppelte Montagegeschwindigkeit
• Module bis 600 Wp (Carport)

Im letzten Jahr einer der Finalisten bei der Intersolar! Bild

"Intersolar Global announced QLiteX, a super light innovative solar panel manufactured on a proprietary "hollow" substrate, has been selected as one of up to ten of the top entries by the 6th Intersolar Award 2013 for innovation in the international solar industry in the photovoltaic category."

Zwei Produktionsanlagen in China - können also billig herstellen. Firma hat schon Umsätze. QSolar wurde von den EU-Strafzöllen hart getroffen, aber der US-Solarmarkt ist riesig. Da fehlt nur noch die UL certification. Eine interessante Turnaround-Spekulation. Bild

Heute laufen ein paar warrants aus - sprich heute ein guter Tag, um einzusammeln. Bild

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Approximately 1.187 megawatts in additional new sales have been secured and booked since the last QSolar Ltd. sales press release dated Feb. 25, 2014, that announced 870 kilowatts in new sales to commence in 2014. This brings current-year sales to 2.056 megawatts to date, and is a direct result of new sales initiatives and marketing efforts centralized out of Shanghai, China, at the beginning of the year.

QSolar has secured repeat solar panel container orders of QSS 250-watt solar panels and other products to a current client in Pakistan destined for the Pakistan and Middle East/North Africa (MENA) markets. In addition, the Shanghai sales staff continues to sell significant sample pallet orders of the company's QSS 250-watt solar panels, and QSF (flexible) and specialty solar panels ranging between 10 watts and 370 watts, to new customers in Indonesia, Hong Kong and China, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. Solar panel product has been shipped or is currently being co-ordinated for shipment from inventory on hand.

QSolar has developed new sales initiatives in the mass solar panel market competing with traditional glass solar panels, and the corporation continues to develop its solar products for the emerging specialty solar panel and product market. Upon completion of TUV SUD and TUV SUD UL certifications, QSolar anticipates entering into the mass rooftop market, where competition is limited due to traditional glass solar panels being too heavy for the rooftops. QSolar offers a unique and proprietary solution due to the light weight of its solar panels, while being more efficient and less costly than thin-film solutions currently being offered where rooftop loads will not support competitors' glass solar panels.

"QSolar is pleased to see repeat orders starting to emerge with our customers," commented Andreas Tapakoudes, chief executive officer of QSolar. "We are starting to see the benefits of consolidating our sales efforts through data mining all our sales leads via our intensified Web-based campaigns. As the technology and market awareness grows, we believe we will be well positioned to utilize the unique and proprietary technology features of light weight and exceptional durability, which our solar panels offer. Our solar panels are designed where rooftop-weight loads will not handle the weight of traditional glass panels supplied by competitors and are especially suitable in high-density population areas. Our non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials used in our products, combined with extremely low carbon footprint, are well positioned for providing turnkey installation solutions by QSolar and should be an attractive alternative to the market."

We seek Safe Harbor.

Hier geht was!!! Bild
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Riesenvolumen heute in Frankfurt!
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Börsenplatz Stuttgart jetzt auch neu! Bild
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QSolar Ltd. has provided an update pursuant to its Dec. 17, 2013, and Jan. 7, 2014, news releases regarding the development of the QSS solar module range of products and shipping of QSS250W solar modules to the independent TUV SUD contract laboratory in the United States for certification testing. The corporation has incorporated recommendations made in January, 2014, by TUV SUD and undertaken these development enhancements to the product over the last number of months as it believes the enhancements will provide a unique marketing opportunity specifically available in the United States but also available in other countries. This is in addition to QSolar's unique product features related to its light weight and durability.

The purpose of the testing is to obtain TUV SUD UL1703 certification, CSA UL Mark, including IFE CSA audit, fire test, TUV SUD IEC61215 and IEC61730 certification, and universal CB report and certificate for access for country-specific certifications. TUV SUD (Jiangsu TUV Product Service Ltd., Shanghai branch), which is conducting the above testing certifications and associated testing procedures, continues to work and communicate closely with the corporation.

In January, 2014, based on observations made during some of the initial tests, TUV SUD provided the corporation with some preliminary recommendations for the product being enhanced that the corporation determined could also be incorporated into a marketing strategy that could provide further significant benefits to solar panel installers aside from the products' main features. The enhanced modifications on the corner protection and framing that is lightweight and non-conductive were made, resulting in no electrical grounding requirement. This major improvement will ultimately result in significant savings in installation time and costs for installers wiring the system by not requiring an electrical ground.

The corporation spent the last number of months sourcing and testing materials for the enhanced modifications described above. It has subsequently retested the enhancements in its Shanghai facility and also retested specific simulated TUV SUD testing requirements on the enhanced modules in a number of independent Chinese testing facilities dependent on the test undertaken to be simulated. During this period, discussions also occurred with TUV SUD on modifications to certification testing protocols that were originally designed for photovoltaic (PV) glass solar panels that would not or do not apply for PV non-glass panels.

The United States testing facility recommenced testing under this project with the enhanced modules on or about May 2, 2014, after QSolar arranged further documentation and undertakings, for specific clearance by both Chinese custom authorities for exportation and United States custom authorities for importation due to Chinese and United States trade issues regarding solar panels and cells. The corporation's best estimate for testing results continues to be 45 to 60 days from recommencement of testing by TUV SUD.

"The corporation anticipates receiving the test results from TUV SUD by the end of June, 2014," stated Preston Maddin, chief financial officer.

Testing protocols for the certification of PV solar panels has not changed materially since the introduction of PV solar panels in the 1950s and these protocols have been designed for PV glass solar panels. The certification process was designed around the main components always used by all PV manufacturers, except QSolar, for the manufacturing of solar panels, being, glass, EVA (a thermal adhesive), Tedlar (a composite back-sheet), and an aluminum frame. The test protocols were designed to test performance, safety, reliability, durability and to stress and test these materials to their limit, and to be able to certify them within a reasonable tolerance. In approximately the last 60 years, there has not been a PV manufacturer that has produced a solar panel using any different materials than described above. In fact, all manufacturers are using almost exactly the same materials, designs, equipment and processes in every respect. The only main differentiation is price.

QSolar, however, has introduced significant disruptive changes in the PV sector, in that QSolar does not use any of the standard materials of glass, EVA and Tedlar. QSolar PV solar panels and products are based on the trade secret proprietary Spraytek99 compound that replaces all the standard materials described above for PV glass panels. QSolar panels exhibit significant advantages over glass panels including extremely high-impact strength, estimated to be 10 times that of glass, are lighter, thinner, have no exposed metal parts and therefore require no grounding, and are made with a variety of back-sheets with superior heat performance characteristics.

It is due to the above explanation and these significant material differences, that the corporation has spent a considerable amount of financial resources, time and effort, explaining, discussing and negotiating acceptable testing protocols for PV non-glass solar panels. The corporation believes that the certification tests designed and imposed by TUV SUD now takes into account the completely different properties and performance of its non-glass panels compared with traditional glass panels, while at the same time meet the required results required for TUV SUD and TUV SUD UL certification. In view of the differences in the QSolar technology to standard glass panel technology and the disruptive nature of Spraytek99, the certification testing process has taken more time than the corporation had anticipated as it deals with testing protocol issues required for the certification of standard glass panels, and instances where the glass panel tests are straightforward and been used for many years.